Lucy Telfar-Barnard

Lucy's research interests cover seasonal and cold-temperature-related morbidity and mortality; respiratory disease; tenancy law and the regulation of rental housing quality; New Zealand housing construction types, their distribution, classification and associated health outcomes; and novel epidemiological uses of administrative datasets. She is currently measuring New Zealand’s respiratory disease burden, and assessing the effect of mechanised home ventilation systems on health outcomes.

Key publications

  1. Preval, N. Arnold, R. Young, C. Grimes, A. Denne, T.
    The impact of retrofitted insulation and new heaters on health services utilisation and costs, pharmaceutical costs and mortality; Evaluation of Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart.
    A report prepared for the Ministry of Economic Development.
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  2. (2008).
    Excess winter morbidity and mortality: still a lack of evidence that housing or socio-economic status makes much difference.
    Reviews on Environmental Health,
    23(3), 203-221.