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The Panel with Sue Kedgley and Allan Blackman (Part 2)


Kim O’Sullivan Spoke on The Panel with Wallace Chapman 30 May 23 about energy hardship and ways to fix it, including energy performance certificates for

Heating NZ's homes: 'We're really still lagging way, way behind'


Kim O’Sullivan was interviewed by RNZ at the recent Reducing Energy Hardship Conference for the story on 28 May 2023 Heating NZ's homes: 'We're really st

Consumer Care Guidelines for electricity retailers must be mandatory


As He Kāinga Oranga Housing and Health Research Programme at the University of Otago Wellington, we are urging the Electricity Authority to make the Cons

You don't need to pay rent for a flooded house you can't live in

You don't have to pay rent for a house you can't live in

The Residential Tenancies Act, the law that governs rentals, says if your flat is destroyed, or

The Panel with Jo McCarroll and Andrew Hoggard (Part 2)


Wallace and panellists Jo McCarroll and Andrew Hoggard discuss if Aotearoa should have a national design agency, with urban design a controversial topic.

Doctor Kimberley O'Sullivan says Pre-pay power customers more likely to struggle


Kimberley O'Sullivan, a researcher at the University of Otago's Department of Public Health says pre-pay consumers are more likely to be struggling than

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