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(Eds.), (2009).
Do damp and mould matter? Health impact of leaky homes.
Wellington: Steele Roberts Aotearoa, 172p.
Ingham, T.R. Jones, B. Aldridge, D. Latimer, M. Dowell, A. Davies, C. Draper, J.B. Bailey, L.O. Stanley, T.V. Leadbitter, P.
Damp mouldy housing and early childhood hospital admissions for acute respiratory infection: a case control study.


Students suffer as they struggle to heat cold flats

Dr Kimberley O'Sullivan speaks about her research finding students are more likely to live in damp,mouldy homes

Health outcomes of young children....


Produced by researchers from Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, and the University of Otago, the Housin

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